Version History
Your Uninstaller! V5.0.0 Released!(11/12/2005)
  • Uninstall programs that can't be uninstalled through Add/Remove Program.
  • Advanced Uninstall to solve troublesome problems.
  • Cache support for fast access to all programs.
  • Ability to find more information for each program.
  • Quick access to various install locations.
  • Deep scan after uninstallation to find all hidden registry entries.
  • Customized color for each type of programs.
  • Load undocumented startup programs in Startup Manager, it's easy to find some spywares.
  • Newly added Start Menu Manager keeps Start Menu always clean.
  • Improved Disk Cleaner provides more options and faster speed.
  • Wizard style uninstallation process keeps Your Uninstaller! easy to use.
  • Redesigned user interface.
  • Improved Deag&Uninstall.
  • More options added for advanced users.
  • Other many minor improvements and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2004 V3.9.517 Released!(6/12/2005)
  • Fixed a serious bug in Temp Files Remover that sometimes it may remove unwanted files.
  • Fixed a bug sometimes Your Uninstaller! reports error on quitting.
  • Fixed a bug in Smart Uninstaller that will cause very long scanning time.
  • Added icons to Temp Files Remover.
  • Reorganinzed options window.
  • Added AutoUpdate options.
  • Other minor improvments and bug fixes.
Your Uninstaller! 2004 V3.9.516 Released!(4/29/2004)
  • Complete support for Windows XP Theme.
  • Improved program scanning.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.
Your Uninstaller! 2004 V3.9.515 Released!(3/12/2004)
  • Rewrite internal resource storage for better performance.
  • Fixed the bug in Clear It! feature that under very rare conditions it will not work properly.
  • Enhanced auto update feature.
  • Other minor improvements.
Your Uninstaller! 2004 V3.9.513 Released!(3/4/2004)
  • This version is mainly minor bugs fixes about some tips and interface changes. If you are using version 3.9.510, it's not very necessary to update.
Your Uninstaller! 2004 V3.9.510 Released!(2/4/2004)
  • Add extra data columns to program list(report mode).
  • Regular expression support for command line parsing.
  • Enhanced search feature.
  • Slightly interface changes.

* This version is not a major upgrade to prior version, so this upgrade is free.

Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.9.370 Released!(11/28/2003)
  • Read more information of an application.
  • Deep scan registry for relative keys and values.
  • The ability to HotBar by popular request.
  • Enhanced thread modal.
  • Add an option to show "hidden" programs.
  • Re-Installation will not overwrite current settings.
  • Add hint when hover on an application.
  • Slightly interface changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.9.365 Released!(10/20/2003)
  • Support the latest version of InstallShield Express.
  • Show progress when removing unused files after uninstall.
  • Eliminate flicker when resizing the window.
  • Fixed a bug that Your Uninstaller! will not save position correctly under some conditions.
  • Slightly interface changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.9.311 Released! (8/1/2003)
  • Add Drag&Drop support for folders.
  • Add important information when Drag&Drop.
  • Enhanced Temp Files Remover: When you found large number of junk files on your disk(>10000), the speed drops down. This version greatly improved it.
  • Fixed a bug when Printer Spooler Service was stopped, the program will raise an error.
  • Add details on found temp files.
  • Open the folder where temp files exists.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.9.0 Released!(7/1/2003)
  • Find/Remove certain type files.
  • Scan and remove temporary folders.
  • Fixed a bug in IE Context menu Organizer when no menu items in context menu, it displays wrong items.
  • Adjust message dialog text layout.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.8.1 Released! (6/23/2003)
  • Export programs installed on your computer to text file.
  • Directly print program list.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.8.0 Released! (6/16/2003)
  • Support Screen Saver uninstall.
  • Support forced removal of programs.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.7.0 Released! (6/9/2003)
  • Support HotUpdate!, keep your copy the latest version.
  • Fixed a save layout bug.
  • Enhanced detection of newly installed applications.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.6.3 Released! (6/1/2003)
  • Add status when performing long-time operations.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.6.2 Released! (5/21/2003)
  • Modified the solution when drop a folder on Your Uninstaller! icon.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.6.1 Released! (5/3/2003)
  • Read extra registry keys under NT 4 for Startup Organizer. Some very old programs may uses these keys.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.6.0 Released!(4/31/2003)
  • Add support for programs packed using MSI(Microsoft Installer).
  • Recognize more icons such as Delphi 6, AceMacro etc.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.5.0 Released!(4/5/2003)
  • Add IE Context Menu Organizer, you can easily make your right-click menu clear.
  • Fixed a bug that Startup Organizer will not save header location under some cases.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.3.1 Released! (3/22/2003)
  • Add support for some infamous installers, now more applications can be recognized and uninstalled.
  • Fixed a conversion bug that would appear in some rare cases.
  • Little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.3.0 Released! (3/14/2003)
  • Fixed a bug that a few programs will not be listed
  • Completely find out all programs runs at startup. Even some hard to find spy programs.
  • Add "Run" menu item to Startup Organizer.
  • Some little enhances and changes.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.2.0 Released! (3/2/2003)
  • Able to detect unused files left by uninstaller and let you completely delete them.
  • Improved icon reorganization algorithm. Now can list 80% of the applications with correct icon. Currently NO any other uninstallers can do this.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.1.3 Released! (2/16/2003)
  • Fixed a display bug on the right corner of Smart Uninstaller page.
  • Optimized some codes for higher stability.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.1.2 Released! (2/6/2003)
  • Fixed the bug that the Uninstall button does not work.
  • Removed "quit" radio select and replaced it as a "Cancel" button.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.1 Released! (1/1/2003)
  • Able to detect new installed applications.
Your Uninstaller! 2003 V3.0 Released! (12/12/2002)
  • An internal Startup Organizer was added, many useful functions!
  • Able to create auto-runners at any place on your computer.
  • Able to temporally hide an application from startup without deleting them.
  • Able to un-hide applications from startup.
  • Added functions to backup/restore uninstall information.
  • Able to edit installed applications detailed uninstall information. (For advanced user)
  • Improved bad entries detect algorithm.
  • Improved startup speed.
  • Some mini bug fixes and enhancements.
Your Uninstaller! V2.5.2.0 released! (9/3/2002)
  • Fixed the bug that can't find some installed applications.
Your Uninstaller! V2.5.1.0 released! (8/31/2002)
  • Add right menu - "Uninstall with Your Uninstaller!".
  • Able to sort by any column.
  • Add main menu.
  • Enhanced UI, more beautiful icons.
  • Move Search Bar to a single Form.
  • Add shortcut to search function.(Ctrl+F)
  • Improved icon extracting algorithm, even faster.
  • Add hint to long names.
  • Slight bug fixes.
  • More..